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Winnwell AMP300 powered by Balance Blades youth hockey skates have 4 patented features that help your child 'learn to skate' while they 'learn to play' hockey. The features are discreet, hidden within the contour of the blade. It is not obvious to other parents, coaches, and players that your child is wearing them, they will only see the results.

The blade has 4 patented 'learn to skate' features
1. Prevent rear falls - back traction prevents falls
2. Skate aid - front traction helps with standing and movement
3. Wider flatter blade - improved balance
4. Transitional blade - traction(s) sharpen off once skating skill progress
Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13



Balance Blades come with patented learn to skate technology on the skate blade that will be removed upon sharpening. It is only recommended to sharpen the blades once the traction points are no-longer required. Balance Blades are the only learn to skate blade sharpened transitionally.

Balance Blades are sold pre-sharpened. In our opinion, kids learning to skate do not require their blades to be constantly sharpened.

The indentations on the front and rear of the blade can slowly be reduced during a light sharpening throughout 3 transitional stages as your child's skating skills improve.

This reduces the child's dependency on Balance Blades, similar to taking off the training wheels, except at a slower pace. 

Season Sharpen Part of the blade to sharpen?  When to sharpen?

First skate


No need


No need, pre-sharpened
1 End of Season

Lightly sharpen middle and front.

Once child is able to skate forward on their own without push assistance. Have sharpening services reduce the front indentations.
2 End of Season

Lightly sharpen front, middle and rear.

Once child is able to skate well on their own. Have sharpening services reduce the rear indentations. Do not rush to remove the rear as they are very helpful to the child. 
3+ End of Season



Balance Blades changes back to a regular skate blade.


Note: Do not over sharpen the middle. This will cause front and rear indentations to make contact prematurely. If this occurs, re-profile by sharpening down portions of the front and rear to expose more middle. 

Sharpening instruction page will be included in the skate box.


Mike Foligno

Canadian former NHL player, Vegas Golden Knights scout, Head Coach of Canada Para Hockey Team and Father of NHL players Marcus Foligno (Minnesota Wild) and Nick Foligno (Boston Bruins).