Winnwell AMP300 powered by Balance Blades hockey skate

Parents have requested a hockey skate with Balance Blades and we have listened. 

Winnwell AMP300 powered by Balance Blades youth hockey skates have 4 patented features that help your child 'learn to skate' while they 'learn to play' hockey. The features are discreet, hidden within the contour of the blade. It is not obvious to other parents, coaches, and players that your child is wearing them, they will only see the results.
The blade has 4 patented 'learn to skate' features.
1. Prevent rear falls - back traction prevents falls
2. Skate aid - front traction helps with standing and movement
3. Wider flatter blade - improved balance
4. Transitional blade - traction(s) sharpen off once skating skill progress.

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