Imagine your child not falling backwards while learning to skate.

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What parents are saying about Balance Blades

Georg M. on Mar 17, 2019: "Awesome skates that deliver as promised. Bought the skates for my son. He is 2 years and 3 month. Once he learned to walk on skate on a rubber surface and felt confident (about 10 min) I dropped him on the ice. Guess what .... he did not fall. Just amazing ..... he eventually would drop on his butt but more because of being tired than falling backwards. As of this posting he spent about 4 hours on the skates. Loves them and loves being on the ice. Parents around the ice rink were curious and kinda in disbelief. These skates are the real deal!"

Andrew M. on Feb 10, 2019: "I'm thrilled with the adjustable sizes, it's great that I won't have to buy new skates every year as the kids get older. My 3 year old is doing awesome and learning quickly!"

Gloria L. on Feb 07, 2019: "Excellent. They worked great for my grandson."

Nick L. on January 3, 2019: "Experience was excellent. I had my 2 yr 4 month old up and moving with no support bar in three days! Excellent and basically eliminated backwards falls."

Matthew V. on December 16, 2018: "My 3 year old improved by leaps and bounds each time he put these on! I would recommend these to every parent teaching their child how to skate. By the third time he put these on he was sipping around the rink. My son is more and more confident each time he steps out on the ice. I’ve recommended these to family and friends with young children. Thank you Balance Blades!"

Danielle Freedman on October 8, 2018: "Just wanted to say thank you for the great product! Got them for our son for his 3rd bday and went skating yesterday! The design of the skates really helped him get his balance he could stand alone and go 4-5 feet by himself. Pretty great for his first time. Looking forward to many more skate sessions and eventually hockey!"

Sarah P. on April 17, 2018: "I am a skating instructor, so my 3 year old begs to go skating with me. We had tried him on regular skates multiple times in the past, but he spent most of his time falling. These have been the best purchase! They have given him the confidence that he can skate on his own and now he chases me all over the ice! I love that Balance Blades has made it so easy for my little guy to love skating and given us a new fun way to spend time together!"

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Free helmet sticker included

We encourage every child to wear a helmet to prevent injuries while they learn to skate. 

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