Frequently asked questions

1. Can Balance Blades be used during CanSkate and Snowplow Sam, learn to skate programs run by Skate Canada and Learn to Skate USA?

Answer: Yes, it is up to the parent.

The inventor of Balance Blades was a National Canadian Pairs Figure Skater and a Learn to Skate Canada, CanSkate Coach. He understands skating as much as any learn to skate coach in Canada or the USA.

The blade was specifically designed for beginners, to make it easier for learning to skate. The blade was placed on a plastic adjustable boot to make it more affordable to parents, so that they did not need to purchase a new pair of skates every year.

The blade has a US patent and Canada patent-pending status.

There are other plastic adjustable boots on the market which have a very different blade. This type of skate is commonly not recommended by learn to skate coaches and we do not even recommend using this type of skate. The reason has everything to do with the blade. The blade has a rounded radius which makes it very difficult for the child to learn to skate on.

Balance Blades is relatively new to the market. If any coach or learn to skate administration is recommending you to not use our skate, most likely they do not know about the features of Balance Blades. Most likely they see it as any other adjustable skate and place Balance Blades in the same category. Balance Blades is in a category of it's own.

Balance Blades have 4 blade features which makes it better then and any other beginner skate.

1. Rear indentations to help prevent rear falls,

2. Front indentations to assist with basic skill of standing up, standing in one place and pushing off,

3. Flatter middle to make it easier for the child to balance on the ice and,

4. Transitional sharpening phases that allow the parent the control to slowly remove the benefits provided by the blade during the sharpening process. The blade slowly changes back to a regular skate blade.

Learn to Skate USA and Learn to skate Canada can not dictate or exclude different types of skates. They make recommendations on which skate they feel is best.

The learn to skate program can make recommendations, however they can not dictate which skate the child uses. If you check out pics and videos from other learn to skate Canada and USA programs you will see kids using a variety of skates including lots of plastic adjustable skates.

We have had situations in Canada and the USA in which the parents challenged the programs skate recommendations with no issues. It truly was a case of the skate programs and coaches not knowing about Balance Blades.

Balance Blades has also been licenced by Winnwell Hockey company.

Balance Blades is sold in Canadian Tire stores in Canada, which is an official partner with CanSkate, the flagship learn to skate program in Canada.

We will be expanding into the USA retail next season.

It is entirely up to the parent if you feel comfortable participating in the Learn to skate programs with your kids using Balance Blades.