Skate Benefits

Balance Blades provide the child, parent and coach a sense of psychological safety. This allows the child the ability to experience higher levels of engagement, increased motivation, greater learning and development, and improved performance.



  • Immediate participation
  • Ability to move right away
  • Better initial control, balance and agility
  • Learn basic skills quickly
  • Shortened period to learn to skate


  • Build early skate confidence
  • Re-assurance to avoid rear falls
  • Independence
  • More fun
  • Better overall initial experience
  • Increased future participation

Child's safety

  • Want a skate that minimize the risk of rear falls
  • Reduces instances of head (concussions), arm and lower back injuries


    Enjoy teaching your child to skate

    • No need to hold up the child
    • Saves parents lower back
    • Easier way to teach the child

      Parents with limited skating ability themselves

      • Skate teaches without effort
      • Skate keeps your child balanced 
      • Takes away the worry

      Want your child to succeed

      • Learn to skate quickly
      • Early accomplishments
      • Grow participation
      • Easy transition into next skating stream


      Even the best coaches can not catch all their students from falling backwards while learning to skate, but Balance Blades can.

      Psychological benefits to student

      • Removes fear of falling backwards and getting hurt
      • Gain early confidence
      • Willingness to try new skills

      Physical benefits to student

      • Enabling the student to get moving right away                  
      • Early skating successes
      • Learns to skate safer
      • Learns to skate sooner
      • Graduates to next level sooner
      • Ready for more advanced skills earlier


      • No need to hold up the student 
      • Free's up time to concentrate on teaching skills
      • Increase participation with class lessons
      • More productive classes

      Learn to skate process

      Balance Blades assist with the learn to skate process and are recommended for the absolute beginner skater.

      Results may vary child to child depending on previous skating experience. Previous skating experiences may hinder or delay the adjustment to the blades.

      It may take a little time to adjust and learn the benefits of Balance Blades. Balance Blades are not going to make your non-skating child automatically skate, they have to learn that on their own.

      Skating takes time to learn and your child will develop balance and skating skills over many repeated skating sessions.

      Kids learn to skate safer and sooner while learning to skate on Balance Blades.

      It is recommended that the child use a training aid/chair/pilon/hockey stick to hold onto initially. 

      Balance Blades recommends the child use protective equipment including a helmet while using our skates.

      Balance Blades will help in the early stages of the learn to skate process, keeping them up and balanced.