Psychological Benefits

Balance Blades provides the child and parent a sense of psychological safety. This allows them the ability to experience higher levels of engagement, increased motivation, greater learning and development, and improved performance.



  • Immediate participation
  • Ability to move right away
  • Better initial control, balance and agility
  • Learn basic skills quickly
  • Shortened period to learn to skate


  • Build early skate confidence
  • Re-assurance to avoid rear falls
  • Independence
  • More fun
  • Better overall initial experience
  • Increased future participation

Child's safety

  • Want a skate that minimize the risk of rear falls
  • Reduces instances of head (concussions), arm and lower back injuries


    Enjoy teaching your child to skate

    • No need to hold up the child
    • Saves parents lower back
    • Easier way to teach the child

      Parents with limited skating ability themselves

      • Skate teaches without effort
      • Skate keeps your child balanced 
      • Takes away the worry

      Want your child to succeed

      • Learn to skate quickly
      • Early accomplishments
      • Grow participation
      • Easy transition into next skating stream