About us

A parent watching their child learn to ice skate can experience a sense of frustration and helplessness when their child slips and falls, especially when they fall backward.

The inventor, a former Canadian National Figure Skater, learn-to-skate coach, and hockey player, realized there must be a way to prevent falls for beginners.

After extensive research and design, they developed the concept of incorporating interior indentations into the back of the skate blades, which would automatically engage with the ice to prevent falls.

They also added interior indentations to the front of the blades to help with basic skills like standing up and pushing off.

When they tried the innovation on their youngest child, it worked immediately. With the Balance Blades, the child could learn to balance independently without the parent holding them up constantly. The child learned to skate safer and sooner. They were able to join in immediately with their sibling. 

Seeing the success of the Balance Blades, the inventor wanted to make them available to all parents so that their kids could have the best possible beginner skating experience.

Balance Blades was created by skaters for skaters, with the aim of helping children progress to other skating sports such as hockey, speed skating or figure skating.

Now, children worldwide are learning to skate on Balance Blades.