Transitional Sharpening

Balance Blades is the only learn to skate blade sharpened transitionally.

Parents place 'training wheels' on their child's bicycle to keep them safe and assist them while they learn to ride a bike. The 'training wheels 'are removed to complete the transition process. 

Balance Blades are similar, the skate is transformed from a 'training blade' back to a regular blade through sharpening when your child's skating skill have progressed. 

The indentations on the front and rear of the blade can slowly be reduced during regular sharpening throughout 3 transitional stages as your child's skating skills improve.

This reduce's the child's dependency on Balance Blades, similar to taking off the training wheels, except at a slower pace. 

1. Middle sharpening - between the front and rear indentations.

2. Middle and Front sharpening - gradually reduces front indentations.

3. Regular sharpening - gradually reduces rear indentations.

Balance Blades slowly changes back to a regular skate blade.

Balance Blades purchased from the online store come will need to be sharpened. This can be done at any professional sharpening location.  

Sharpening instruction page will be included in the skate box.