Ice Skating Injuries

Beginner skaters avoid unnecessary ice skate related falls and injuries with Balance Blades.

Ice can be a particularly unforgiving surface – and for a skater, there’s nowhere else to go in a fall.  As with other athletes, skaters who fall on the ice can suffer the impact plus rotation that define concussion. (5.)

A concussion is an alteration of the normal function of the brain induced by trauma, either by a direct blow or by rotational forces that result in a rapid acceleration/deceleration of the brain within the skull. (6.)

In skating, concussion generally occur as a result of a fall resulting in impact with the ice. Helmets protect against scull fractures, they do not prevent concussions. (5.) 

Young children are more susceptible to concussion than adults are, not only because they are more likely to be active and involved in sports, but also because their brains are not yet fully developed and thus more vulnerable to injury. (2.)

Skaters are all at risk, as they can hit the ice at speeds of 20 to 30 miles an hour. Beginner skaters are at an increased risk. When the ice skates slip out from under and kids fall back they hit the ice with 1.5 their body weight, all on their head. (5.)

So, how can we make sure our children are safe—or at least safer—on the ice? The best way to prevent concussions and head injuries is to prevent the fall in the first place. (3.)

Balance Blades are the only skate designed specifically to minimize the risk of rear falls in beginner skaters. 

Parents need to be concerned with concussions.

  • This product is designed to prevent falls and avoid injuries.
  • Always use a helmet while ice skating.


  • 84% Children                               
  • 32% fractures                                                
  • 9.3% head injuries (1.)


  • 5,102 Emergency room visits
  • 283 Hospitalizations (4.)

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