Balance Blades assist with the learn to skate process and are recommended for the absolute beginner skater.

Results may vary child to child depending on previous skating experience. Previous skating experiences may hinder or delay the adjustment to the blades.

It may take a little time to adjust and learn the benefits of Balance Blades. Balance Blades are not going to make your non-skating child automatically skate, they have to learn that on their own.

Skating takes time to learn and your child will develop balance and skating skills over many repeated skating sessions.

Kids learn to skate safer and sooner while learning to skate on Balance Blades.

It is recommended that the child use a training aid/chair/pilon/hockey stick to hold onto initially. 

Balance Blades recommends the child use protective equipment including a helmet while using our skates.

Balance Blades will help in the early stages of the learn to skate process, keeping them up and balanced.